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THE MAKING o a Child of Destiny - The Andretta Tillman Story

To the casual reader, this book will be impressive because of the unknown events that occurred, you will be astonished by the book’s depth of detail and depth of the Journey to Destiny. The fact that Destiny Child is the bestselling girl group of all time, and Beyoncé has become one of music greatest Icons. No one ever hears about their struggles, other than the Star Search lost. This book will have you spellbound by the highs, lows, sacrifices, wins and losses of Destiny Child. Brian Moore tells of the events that impacted Andretta and Destiny Child’s life, he says so, laying out all the explanations and letting his reader be the final judge.

In 1997, a female group burst on the scene and catapulted into one of the. most successful female groups of all time. For years the picture had been paint­ed of how Mathew Knowles helped his golden child daughter, Beyonce; Kelly Rowland, and Destiny's Child achieve phenomenal success. However, after years of seclusion and silence, the former co-manager, who disclosed evi­dence to help settle the lawsuit between the Knowles and the estate of Andret­ta Tillman, finally speaks up and not only sets the record straight, but reveals some very telling accounts of what really went on behind the scenes and in the lives of the main people involved with the group.

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